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Update Cheat Point Blank

F9 = Freeze ON
F10 = Freeze Off

F11 = Spion
F12 = Title name Rank Hack

Home = maphack Only Bomb Mission
End = Death Macth maphack only

Page Up = Ghost Mode ON
Page Down = Ghost Mode Off

Update Cheat Point Blank

Insert = WallShoot ON
Delete = Wallshoot Off

left ctrl numpad 1 = Berets SMG
left ctrl numpad 2 = Beret Sniper
left ctrl numpad 3 = Berets SG
left ctrl numpad 4 = Berets Gund Hand
left ctrl numpad 5 = Beret Assault
ctrl left Numpad 6 = Berets GM

Character Hack Numpad = ON
Numpad - = Character Hack Off

Special on etc.,
Thx to: Nina Sharemind

Rules of use and Hotkey
Aturann use the simple ajah

just press

Insert to alt tab ou need to press alt tab again
ou have on off off in. forever on
Strong for PB while play facebook poker
PB all day but we play on facebook or poker is also okay

note: bugtrap may agan using RPE, no rpe no DC

F12: hack pb
purchasing mission, press F12
then click the mision
click on the letter O
click the tab again mision
click I
click the mision again ..... do until returning to the letters P through sequential
then play and finish his mission!
1 play a pb

F11: Hack exp card
read the thread ajah pedophile who used to (still the same anyway)

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