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How To Kick Penalty on PES 2011, PS3, 2010

How to kick a penalty in PES 2011? Here we will discuss how to kick a penalty in PES 2011, Pes 2010 ps3 and 3. everything is almost the same. We all know if PES is a game that is not boring, and we also ga 'going out of style, "hare gene maen still winning? Ape kate persimmon fruit?" but no problem was "from my friends curhatannya nie,. if PES 2011, 2010 there are difficulties in the penalty kick.

How To Kick Penalty on PES 2011, PS3, 2010 img

Some of the complaints because of differences in the way a penalty kick in PES 2011 and also how to tackle, body and others in antarannya are:
  1. Pes 2011 game system is almost the same as winning eleven, which emphasizes speed and dribbling techniq masihmenjadi also a mainstay in PES 2011, like if you are dribbling with the R2 button is used incidentally in PES 2010 dabn influential function is very large, presumably in PES 2011 has been converted functioned, from the first R2 button so special, now its function to slow the movement of your player, if not careful in using the R2 button in PES 2011 is, it will be your lose.
  2. In the penalty much to complain because it is different from a simple first pes 2010, pes 2011 on the direction you are required mnentukan kekekuatan shots and also wants to push it before you kick you pop the ball with the box.
  3. Next on the marseille roulette tricks that used to be done by rotating the left analog stick 180 degrees, now so hard to do, but still the same as the winning E, but you are required to press the R2 button during this round did the trick.
  4. To steal the ball in PES 2011 somewhat difficult, we have to wait for an opponent make a move then we can just grab the ball, but must be done carefully.
  5. in terms of attack, wing attack is not a mainstay in pes 2011 attacks, it seems the provider / programmer has to fix this,
To make a goal in a penalty kick is easy here's how:
  1. Press box just once, and do not be too hard, then the players will square off for kicking
  2. And then immediately press the kick the ball (to the right or left or center), but if penaltynya openplay occurs when the direction (up or down or middle)
  3. After determining the direction of the kick, then immediately before the player kicks the ball also specify the strength of the kick (kick towards the top for a strong, downward to kick slow), but if penaltynya occurs when openplay then that should be on tap is the right or the left depending on the position of wicket

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