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Cheat Battle Realms Serpent and Lotus

Probably many of you who feel difficulty when running Kenji `s journey. Because the journey is the ability of players is tested at intervals of high enemy attacks without giving us a chance. If you have trouble, you can find an opening of the Battle Realms is for a little cheating. Now I will divulge a bug in the game that you can use to your advantage. Please note that these bugs exist only in the first Battle Realms. This bug can not be used in Battle Realms Winter Of The Wolf or the next series.

Battle Realms Serpent and Lotus

Demolish the building in a flash:
When you see the enemy headquarters directly (without the fog and darkness to protect, that is looking directly to the light), click once on an enemy building that you want to destroy. Then after you click on the building, press the [CTRL] + [D] and still press the button until you see the enemy's buildings were destroyed.

Getting Yin quickly, for Lotus and Serpent Clan:
For Lotus:
1. Make a Crypt of Brothers
2. Create Brother Lythis
3. Click towards him and press the F key on the keyboard
4. Point him to attack to the edge of water or trees.
5. Create a Brother Tausil to help Lythis (just do the same)
Then you will get Yin quickly without having to fight.

For the Serpent:
1. Train Ronin you into Metal shop and he would get Yin Blade Battle Gear.
2. Click on him and press the F key on the keyboard
3. Point him to attack to the edge of water or trees.
4. When he was attacking, Battle Gear activate it by pressing B or clicking on it.
5. If Ronin stamina runs out, stop him temporarily. And if he had full stamina, do it again! You will receive Yin quickly without having to fight.

Note: Make sure when Ronin began to attack, do not activate him before Battle Gear!

Battle Realms Serpent and Lotus 2

Unlimited Brothers:
For the Lotus Clan:
You can make unlimited Brothers of the Crypt of Brothers, the following this step:
1. For the first step, of course you have to build the Crypt of Brothers.
2. Train was all Brothers (war, or you can do as a step above the Yin Farming to make it more easily)
3. Once it was up 3 Watchtowers.
4. Navigate and put three brothers who have been trained into 3 Watchtowers.
5. Destroy your Crypt of Brothers (CTRL + D resistant).
6. Rebuild your Crypt of Brothers.
7. Re-Create the 3 Brothers.
8. Lower the old 3 Brothers from the Watchtowers.
9. Place 3 new Brothers in the Watchtowers.
10. Perform the same steps you want.

Then you can make the Brothers without borders (normally a maximum of only 3).

To make the Brothers only requires a Yin.
Observations: If you destroy the Crypt of Brothers while 3 Brothers are on the ground, the three brothers would be dead along with his shattered Crypt. That's why you need a tower, they will not die. That will make the computer think that Brothers is dead. So you can create a new one.

Battle Realms Serpent and Lotus 2

Unlimited Ancient Warrior:
For the Serpent Clan:
I found a bug that Necromancer can create Ancient Warrior indefinitely (normally a maximum of only 3) you just follow the steps below.
1. Build Necromancer `s throne
2. Enter 4 people Ronin into it, then he will turn into Necromancer.
3. Create 3 Ancient Warrior of the Necromancer.
4. After that save the game, then exit (Must be out of the game)
5. Log back into the game, load the game that had you save.
6. After that you can re-create Ancient Warrior 3.
7. Perform the same steps if you want to make more Ancient Warrior.

Similarly, some bugs that I know in Battle Realms "first edition" I hope you are more useful bolt stress in the conquest of Kenji `s Journey

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