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Raiden II Arcade Game Download Now

Raiden is a scrolling shooter arcade game developed in 1990 by Seibu Kaihatsu. This is the first game in the Raiden series of scrolling that has been popular from scrolling shooter arcade game.

Raiden II Arcade Game Download Now img

Game play presents a story that tells us that In the year 2090, Earth has suddenly become the target of attacks followed by a crazy alien attacks using sophisticated weapons. Recognizing that the earth is in danger of snipers-selected earth sent by their supersonic planes "Raiden Supersonic Attack Fighter," to prevent and defeat the evil aliens from the destruction of the world and also to maintain human life. (Story on the early release of Raiden).

Three years after the rescue the world's Alliance to victory over an alien invasion of Earth, it turns out aliens who had ditakhlukan still left on Earth and has created a new army on earth to carry out the original mission to conquer planet Earth. To combat this collaborative army, a new weapon developed for Raiden (previous aircraft that is designed to save the earth three years ago) to make efforts to saving the Earth from alien attacks the second. (Story on Raiden II)

Raiden II Arcade Game Download Now img

This arcade game Game has been made more attractive with a variety of forms pe "release" as an on PlayStation, Dingdong, even on a simple PC game. Currently this game is probably the game that could be called a classic game. For those who are interested in playing this game can be downloaded at the link below.


How to play this game:
A. Control Player 1
- Button A (left)
- Button W (up / forward)
- Keys D (right)
- Button S (bottom / back)
- Button <(fire) - Button> (bomb)

B. Control Player 2
- Arrow keys elevator (left)
- Arrow keys up (up / forward)
- Right Arrow keys (right)
- Down Arrow key (bottom / back)
- Button 1 (Fire)
- Button 2 (bomb)

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