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PC Game Download One Piece PS 1 Full

You must already know this one's game, the game One Piece is very popular on TV, yes One Piece games I have tried was very good and thrilling, the PSX game One Piece is you can choose Advanture Mode and Battle Mode, yes I am short simply because the language of this game is Japanese, you can choose among several other charakter Luffy, Zoro, Nami, Sanji, Usop, and much more, you can also choose the Duel in the Battle Mode, just not with PS2 games, so for one Piece fans must have this one game.

PC Game Download One Piece PS 1 Full img

PC Game Download One Piece PS 1 Full img 2


How to Install the game:
  1. Create a folder and extract the file download (50 Mb) on the folder
  2. Then comes two files and one file sized 700 Mb
  3. Then download emulators that I have provided below or customize to your Emulator
  4. Open the Emulator (ePSXe): Emulator that I use, or customize to your Emulator)
  5. Click on File and then Run and then enter the Iso File size 700 Mb Such
  6. Enjoy
  7. Note: Old Emulators that I use there is still a shortage so I use the new Emulator (ePSXe) if you do not want to download a new emulator you can customize to the old Emulator (PSX Emulator) which I share

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