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Earn Money With Facebook

You may be astonished with the title of this article. How can earn money with Facebook? Yes, you can earn extra income from your Facebook account. Actually there are several ways that we can do, but in this article will only discuss 3 applications only. All three Facebook applications are:

# 1 Net-60
Net-60 is the application of Pay Per Survey included in the Facebook application. There are currently more than 240 surveys that you can follow. Every survey that we follow is worth between $ 0.03 to $ 1.24. Cashout was only for $ 10 only. That means, with the number of surveys that provided, we can very quickly reach cashout. But unfortunately, the Net-60 does not accept members who originate outside the U.S.. So, for now we have not been able to enjoy easy to earn money with this application.

# 2 PayPerPost
You do not imagine this as the program paid posts in the blog in general. This application only allows us to install banners referral sites in our Facebook profiles. You will earn $ 15 for every person who signed up PayPerPost through your referral banner is. Easy enough right?

# 3 Cash Cliques
Cliques Cash Paid To Click program is contained in the Facebook application. We can earn money by clicking on any ads provided. We are required to see the ads within a certain time interval (usually about 10 seconds), then we will get 1 cent / $ 0.01 per click. Per day we can just click 10 ads only. If we consistently follow this program every day, in a month we would get about $ 3. Quite right, as a sideline activity of our social networking on Facebook? Moreover, to follow this program we only need to provide less than five minutes per day.
How? Interested to try it?
To be eligible for the above applications, surely you must have a Facebook account first. After registering, search applications on top of the menu "Application". Then, enjoy your activity on Facebook while you earn a little extra income.
May be useful.

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