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PC Game Download Bandits Phoenix Rising

Bandits Phoenix Rising is a game genre Games Car Games This Combat.Game Similar Like Vigilante, Road kill, Carmageddon and Twisted Metal.

Wasteland ruled by grim clans fighting for gas, ammo and auto parts. The proud city of Jericho where civilization still thrives.Bandits on the outside wanting in. Behold the world of Bandits – Phoenix Rising.

Buckle up as our hero Fennec and bald sidekick Rewdalf dive head first into the carnage. Auto wreck gone ballistic! Adrenaline junkies! Wreak havoc in the extensive single player campaign or battle it out in diesel-dripping, lead-spitting Internet deathmatches.

Download Bandits Phoenix Rising PC Game Indowebster img

Password: bajgur

System Requirements:
* Windows 98/2000/ME/XP
* Pentium III 500
* 128 MB RAM
* 3D accelerator card (Direct 3D Compatible) Geforce1 or equal
* 4x CD ROM
* DirectX 8.1
* Windows compatible sound device
* Mouse and keyboard 8.1

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