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Download PC Game Onimusha Warlords RIP MediaFire

The story focuses on the sixteenth century (about 1560) only when the civil war between the Japanese Shogun. After thousands of fights, one of the Shogun, Oda Nabunaga seem to take more strength and will to seize power, but in a fight an arrow through the throat and the Oda army seems to lose its power. Now it seems everything is over and that peace will reign in Japan, but returned to attack the Oda army, and did not return alone, he was accompanied by vicious soldiers ready for anything.

Mr. Yoshitatsu, the ruler at that time, it is difficult to resist the attacks of evil forces. And here the foundation of the game, Princess Yuki, the brother of the governor, who decided to call mercenaries to investigate what happened. This mercenary named Samanosuke Akechi and our hero. Just when the princess asks the service for Samanosuke, is kidnapped by a large demonic creature, who in turn work more for the rest friend.While Samanosuke our wounds, dreams get some mysterious giant gives strength and challenges peculiar to have a chance of finishing with the forces of evil .

Download PC Game Onimusha Warlords RIP MediaFire img

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