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Download RTS Game Armies Of Exigo

Armies of Exigo is a real-time strategy video game for Microsoft Windows. The game was created by Black Hole Entertainment and distributed by Electronic Arts. One unique aspect of the game is that it has an underground mode. This makes the game more challenging as the player has to work on two fronts and might have an army come from an unexpected area.

The gameplay is very similar to StarCraft. There are three armies in the game - The Empire (the human side), The Fallen (an insectoid monster race), and The Beast (a group of large beast creatures). The player has to gather resources (gold, wood and gems) to produce units and buildings and to research spells and upgrades. The player can also select units and give them orders like attack, move or build. Different unit types are built at different structures.

It follows the "old-school" style of RTS gameplay that was common place in the 1990s in titles such as Warcraft II, StarCraft and the Age of Empires series. Because of this lack of innovative gameplay, which has come to be expected in the modern day, the game was heavily criticized by reviewers and failed to become popular.

Game Armies Of Exigo

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