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Download Game Ground Control Dark Conspiracy

The campaign begins a few months after the events of the original, with Major Sarah Parker and her comrades looking to get a way off the planet Krig-7b, on which they are stuck. Battling through Order of the New Dawn stragglers and newly-arrived Crayven Corporation forces, the initial missions focus on getting deep space communications working, at the end of which Deacon Jared Stone is apparently killed. Sarah avenges his death, but feels the situation is lost as the comm. array was also destroyed.

Help arrives in the unlikely form of an Order command cruiser that suddenly drops from hyperspace. Its surprise entry enables it to quickly destroy its Crayven counterpart, later dispatching dropships to the planet surface for Sarah and company. The onboard superior, Cardinal Kila Balor, explains the situation. The Order forces on Krig were a splinter faction, the Second Dawn, not following official Order authority.

The Order cannot move against the faction directly, fearing open civil war. Rather, they have devised a plan involving Sarah. By supplying her with untraceable information and finances, she can fight the Second Dawn on their behalf in secret. In return, they tell her pursuing them is the only way she can uncover the truth behind Krig-7b. She accepts and contact is made with the new faction, the Phoenix Mercenaries.

Taking command, the campaign takes them against the Second Dawn, and much later original Order and Crayven forces. When all is said and done, the conspiracy is found to be even deeper than imagined.
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Download Game Ground Control Dark Conspiracy
Release: 2000 | Genre: Sci-Fi Real-Time Strategy | Developer: High Voltage Soft.
Language: EN
Game Size: 448 Mb

System requirements:
  • Ram : 256
  • CPU : 2.4
  • VGA : 128

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