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Hour of Victory Free PC Game Download

Story: Toward the end of WW II, 3 army soldiers with different backgrounds and expertise and develop the best of the best, were called on duty in a secret operation missions, destroying bomb-making an atomic weapon that was carried out by Nazi Germany, in Berlin. 3 people it is:

  • Ross, British SAS troops home Commando, soldiers armed by the Thompson gunners, expertise in particular drive heavy loads.
  • Bull, Ranger troops, from the U.S. Army, a real sniper, an expert in high climbing wall with rope.
  • Taggert, a kind of CIA agent OSS {} in the present, armed with a knife stengun +, a sneak and open the door lock padlock.
The first task of the three of them are in a region of North Africa, followed by a mission to the European continent and ended in Berlin, Germany.

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Gameplay: The main hero in the Hour of Victory indeed there are 3 people, but gamers can not play / ordered the three heroes at once, practice, gamers must choose one of 3 people is to be played at existing levels, anyone who is chosen freely. 3 whiz it all with a different special skills, where there is a certain level in a single map, which can be passed by one hero only, if using another hero yes through another road. For example .... The Ross .... he could push through a heavy load for the road, whereas if you choose the Bull, gamers can choose to climb a high wall with a rope, or use the services of the Taggert, the breaker lock the door. Anyone, who selected only one champion, could be used on any map, except in one level there is a special for one hero only, gamers can not choose the other, the level is such that there is only one level.

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Hours of Victory also made for the console xbox360 .... a simple control model, the typical standard 1st person shooter action. Health System was the same as Fall of Liberty. Bring weapons also are limited only 2 pieces only. Linear storyline + close-ended gameplay {again}.

The characteristics that distinguish this game similar games ala WW II the other, the uniqueness of a truly new, you could say almost nothing, such as driving a tank features .... {one of them types of vehicles that can be driven} already exists in similar games cod1-2. Features a selection of 3 different heroes to play in this game, more similar to the Commandos strike force {1st person shooter!}, Old gem. 3rd hero is, quick to bring the weapons different default, practically all of them can use all the weapons in this game, all of them experts tank driver also. But only the OSS agent who could slip.

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Although it can choose all kinds, but no effect on the ending level of the map or the story that already exists. It only adds to the variation that is not growing to 3 master that, everything could use all the weapons that exist, equally able to shoot the enemy, and so on. etc. A super short story, rival Fall of Liberty. Scenes 'boss Batlle' also exist but. at the last level of super bizarre.

The scene of shoot-shot, impressed inconsequential and easily kill the enemy, most of the enemy, perhaps because of fatigue on the verge of war and total defeat in WW II, many blind deaf mute when the author approached them. The behavior is a new moment awakened to 1-3 seconds if the author sdh very close to them, aka telmi. The remaining soldiers behave in a normal style, continued to visit the author to be killed or shot from a distance but once again approached so telmi. Like shelter if fired upon, but if approached by the author to remain silent.

If the enemy soldiers in groups with each other, they become less communicative against each other, alias like chaotic in war tactics. It seems when there is friendly fire from fellow German soldiers, fit the author approached the enemy group. Each group of German soldiers, there is usually seen striking uniform commander. But the commander's orders are often ignored by his subordinates so that their own soldiers, all from shooting towards the author. Oddity was compounded with the save system, the same as Fall of Liberty, wearing a checkpoint at the start and end at the level of the map. It really is equated with console-style save the game.

Gamers sometimes at some level map, the AI ​​soldiers will be accompanied by some friends, they move automatically, they shot into the enemy almost 100% more accurate than the shot author. Often, the authors found already dead enemy AI is so close friends without being shot. Oh yes so close to an enemy, gamers will automatically apply the blow with a weapon it was carrying. New gamers can fire their weapons if it is a bit away from enemy soldiers. Fun, lots of extra ammo scattered everywhere, models of weapons and vehicles available, typical original WW II era.
Release Date: Feb 22, 2008 | Developer: Nfusion | Publisher: Midway | PC | ISO
Language: English
Genre: First-Person, Action, Shooter, Historic

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Download Hour of Victory Via FileServe
Download Hour of Victory Via FileSonic
Game Size: 5.2 GB

Recommended System Requirements:
  • OS: Windows XP/Vista
  • Processor: Intel Core 2 DUO Processor E6600 (2.4 GHz)
  • Memory: 2 Gb
  • Video Memory: 512 Mb
  • Sound Card: DirectX Compatible
  • DirectX: 9.0c
  • DVD Rom Drive

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