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Download Hacker Evolution Black Developer Edition

The Black Developer Edition is the perfect opportunity to examine the game source code for learning purposes, or to make any kind of changes to the game.
You will be able to immediately download the complete game and it's source code, as soon as you complete your order. Your download is insured, and you can download your files anytime you wish, completely free, for lifetime.

Hacker Evolution Black Developer Edition img 1

Ever occur to you to become a hacker? Hackers could break into a password, email, and even an account is an account in the virtual world. If you've ever dreamed of being the kind of person, now you can make it happen. although only through a Game, but the sensation of hacking is very pronounced in this one game. The game is named HACKER EVOLUTION. In this game, what we do is peek the password, do the cracking and if we can connect to the target server, then we could make money transfers. After earning enough money, we can meng'upgrade computers that we use. Some of the purposes of hacking that can be upgraded include Modem. Modem very important role here. Because the modem is good, we can do process of cracking and transfer data more quickly. This can reduce the likelihood of our activity is detected by the target.

Hacker Evolution Black Developer Edition img 2

System Requirements:
  • Windows ME/XP/2000/2003 or Vista
  • Microsoft DirectX 8.0 (
  • Pentium® 1 GHz processor or faster, 512Mb RAM, 200Mb free disk space
  • 16Mb DirectX 8.0 compatible videocard
  • Microsoft compatible keyboard and mouse
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0 and Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 for compiling the sourcecodes

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