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Way of Doing Business With

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Clixsense.Com is one of hundreds of easy ways to make money from the internet. If you want to jump into online business and want to make money easy internet without a capital and you should choose a program PTC (Paid To Click) like Clixsense.Com.

Clixsense.Com Glance

Clixsense.Com is Program Paid To Click (PTC) means a service that will pay you just to click and view advertisements provided. The more you click and view ads, then your earnings will be even greater.

Potential Benefits of Clixsense.Com

In addition we have ($ 0.01 up to $ 1.00) from each ad we click (30 seconds), we also get $ from referrals (members who sign up through our link) for $ 0.10 (regular members). If the referral is an upgrade to "premium members" we can be an additional $ 2.00 for each member (level 1), to the next level we get $ 1.00 with a depth of up to 5 levels (5 levels deep).

If we illustrate from all levels (1 to 5) we get 3 referrals who upgrade, then $ that we can be around $ 366.50 (only from referrals to up grade only) not including the usual ad clicks and referrals.

Rules & How it Works Clixsense.Com.

  • Ads may only clicked 1 time a day
  • ClixSense requires you to not close the window ad within 30 seconds.
The advantages become a premium member Clixsense.Com
  • Have a chance to earn $ from referrals through 5 levels into
  • The second opportunity we can click on the ads that they are above the $ 0.01 (so far the largest values ​​of ad clicks that I can for one-click advertising amounted to $ 0.40)
  • The number of ad impressions that we can more clicks (klu for ordinary members is usually 3 ads with the value of $ 0.01, tp for Premium members can be more than 3 cut-rate $ 0.01 s / d $ 0.40)
Ok, I Come, How Register to Clixsense?

Tips on increasing referrals Clixsense

The longer the list of referrals you will get fatter then your income from Clixsense.Com. So, to be able to rake in a lot of referrals in the number you have any tips & tricks, if you need to create a specific strategy increase referrals. Well, consider the following tips to maximize the Commission Clixsense.Com this:
  • Advertise your referral links through paid advertising such as PPC (kumpulblogger, kliksaya, AdsenseCamp, ppcindo, etc.).
  • Advertise your referral links through iklan2 classifieds
  • Write an article / review about the site (review Clixsense.Com)
  • Do not forget to use language that attracts attention and interest of the reader, for example: a free listing, free, etc.
  • Create Clixsense.Com banner in the sidebar of your blog (as you will find this blog)
  • Comments popular blog and make your keblog link. Remember, comments should be appropriate to the topic and weighted so that other readers feel compelled to follow your link
If you want to join please click the link below.

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How to get paid with clicksense

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