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PC Game Metal Slug X PS1 Downoad Now

Metal Slug X is the video game "run" and "fire" directed at the Neo-Geo console / arcade platform developed by Nazca Corporation and published by SNK. This game was originally released in 1996 for the MVS arcade platform. This game is widely known with a simple combat game that is played with two players.

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In the game series Metal Slug X, the path of the serial story is slightly different from previous Metal Slug. In this series there is the addition of new player characters (new fighters) as well as a Stage with a much different background than ever before with a somewhat more difficulty tinggat also compared to the previous one.

Image and video hosting by  TinyPic

Image and video hosting by  TinyPic

Metal Slug X is basically this can only be played on the PLAYSTATION gaming device. But, with the renewed version of this game, even this game can now be played on a variety of other gaming devices such as computers or Dingdong.

To download this game, this game consists of three main files are:

  1. Tools or emulator is a program used to play or play this game. There are many kinds of emulator but in this case we are that we use is the Mame32 emulator Mame type who is an emulator of games "Dingdong". Please download the emulator here.
  2. Bios is a special extra files that are used to support the Emulator and the game. Bios for this game is "NeoGeo". To download this Bios please download here.
  3. Rom the file that contains the game itself or in other words this is the core file. To download this Rom please download here.
How to play this game:
  1. Download files Emulator, Bios along Romnya (in zip format)
  2. Extract the emulator files until there are many files in that folder emulator. For now let's focus on the file folder named "roms"
  3. Move files and Rom Bios that we downloaded earlier in the folder "roms" are
  4. Select the icon shaped yellow Dingdong machine which is the emulator for the game of Mame 32 (which is an application to run the emulator games) to get a window emulator application
  5. Select "Options" then "Directories" and select "Browse" then locate the file and Rom Bios game where the game was saved (redirected folder "roms" earlier)
  6. Just a moment while the application searches (detect) the existence of the game
  7. If the search process has been completed, the rows of the menu on the left, select the menu "available" and automatically games Metal Slug will be available in the list.
  8. Click on the name list "Metal Slug X Super Vehicle 001" which has been detected is available to play.
  9. In the use of emulators, for direction control buttons are on the buttons "Arrow" on the keyboard, press the "Arrow Elevator" to move left, the "Right Arrow" to move to right, the "Arrow Up" to move up and the "Arrow Down "to move down, And to the 1 and 2, and 3 use the" ctrl "on the keyboard as a button, the" Alt "key on the keyboard as the keys 2. and the "space" on the keyboard as a button 3.
  1. Emulators are used in this game is a game emulator type "Dingdong" so each will play this game as if we are suggested to insert a coin to play it. To insert a coin press the number 5, while for startnya button located on the 1 key. and if you want to finish the game, press the "Esc" to exit (exit)
  2. Control buttons can be changed or be set back in accordance with our wishes. To set up the control buttons we can arrange it on the "tab"

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