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Nintendo - Super Mario Bross Download Now

Super Mario Bros. (sometimes referred to Mario, Super Mario or SMB) is a platform game developed and published by Nintendo in late 1985 for the Nintendo Entertainment System. This game brings remarkable influence on the world of home theater when launched, and is now considered a classic example of the medium.

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Super Mario Bros. presents a world that is bright and can be developed that changed the way of making a video game. Although often incorrectly referred to as scrolling platform game (scrolling) first (there are at least half a dozen similar games that have appeared previously), this game is the first console original in this genre that presents a smooth scrolling levels and make it as a landmark (landmarks) in home games the video.

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How to play this game was very simple, the player will play as Mario, a mustachioed man who uses a red overalls dress with a brown shirt, or a second player, Luigi, Mario's brother, a man with a mustache similar to using white overalls with a green shirt. Target of the game is to walk towards the Mushroom Kingdom, destroy and fight Bowser and save Princess soldiers Toadstoo.

For those of you who are interested and would like to try these classic games can be downloaded now. This game consists of two main files are:

1. Tools or emulator is a program used to play or play this game. There are many kinds of emulator but in this case we are that we use is the kind of Nintendo emulator is Nestopia. Please download the emulator here.

2. Rom the file that contains the game itself or in other words this is the core file. To download this Rom please download here.

How to play this game:
1. Download file along Romnya Emulator (in zip format)
2. Extract the emulator files until there are many files in the emulator
3. Select the icon shaped machine on the Nintendo emulator file to appear as small black monitor screen
4. Select "File" then "Open" locate the file Rom game where the game was saved
5. In the use of emulators, for direction control buttons are on the buttons "Arrow" on the keyboard, press the "Arrow Elevator" to move left, the "Right Arrow" to move to right, the "Arrow Up" to move up and the "Arrow Down "to move down, And to the A and B, use the"> "on the keyboard as the A button and press the" <"button on the keyboard as B.

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