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Iron Man 1 (PC game/Rip) Free Download Game

It's not often that I'm flabbergasted at work. After reviewing five versions of Iron Man in five days, I thought I had seen it all, but I was wrong, friends. Today, Iron Man on the PC showed up, I popped it in, and my jaw dropped.
Don't get me wrong, that fact alone isn't a reason to condemn it. It's just that in our world of multi-platform releases, it's rare to see the PC share a version with anything other than PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. I started the first mission and gave the title the benefit of the doubt that perhaps PC was the lead SKU and the muted textures and all-around sad visuals I saw on the other systems wouldn't be a factor on the PC. Loosely based on the No. 1 film in America, Iron Man tosses you into the red-and-gold suit of Tony Stark and sets you loose on more than a dozen missions filled with guards, laser cannons and super villains that you won't find in the movie--folks such as Whiplash and Titanium Man. It might sound cool, but the problem is that this story is largely invented and strays from the plot points and character-defining moments of the film. You'll never get to care about Yinsen, Obadiah's power-hungry from the get go, and Stark almost always seems like a jerk. Plus, the cutscenes stink. Not even voiceovers from Robert Downey, Jr. and Terrence Howard can save them from being ass--there are crazy eyes, mouths not moving the right way, characters that don't look right, etc.

Maelstorm RTS Game Free Download img 1
Release: May 6, 2008 | Genre: Action | Developer: Artificial Mind
Language: En
Game Size: 154 Mb

How To Install:
1.) Unrar
2.) Run 'setup.bat'
3.) Hit "GameLauncher.exe" to play the game!

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