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Game Desert Rats vs Afrika Korps PC Free Download

Game Desert Rats vs Afrika Korps PC Free Download 2This is a real-time strategy game with a campaign of World War II Telling the story of the North African Campaign of World War II, both Axis and Allied side, Desert Rats vs. Africa Korps is Real-time 3D tactical game in one push and the multiplayer mode. Incredibly, the game combines narrative-based missions with real-time strategy genre. Through two campaigns and twenty missions inspired by historical facts, players follow the example of German and an English hero, who was once friends and who are now forced to fight each other in this "war without hate". Missions range from reconnaissance operations in the desert and urban flush large-scale mission desert fortress siege. Each mission begins with a discussion and summary of the historical background of battle. More than 30 units can be set for each side, selected in the management system Spell © rcito.Desert Rats characterized by a high level of combat realism and varied combat tactics. Pause feature allows players to think about tactics if necessary.

Desert Rats full-featured 3D game with highly realistic graphics, real-time shadows, damage effects, explosions, weather effects and more. 60 minutes soundtrack, composed by Ervin Nagy and BAFTA Award winner Tamas Kreiner, intensifies the atmosphere charming. Here are some key features of "Desert Rats vs. Africa Korps Multiplayer"

  • Lead Axis and Allied forces in various campaigns in some of the most famous battles of World War II.
  • Command over 70 unit authentic Tiger tank guns - each specific locations vulnerable to damage and have special skills and strengths.
  • Managing complex easy real-time combat, or give orders to your troops in a rotating basis for most of the tactical advantage.
  • Utilizing  · experienced soldier and capture equipment you progress from mission to mission.
  • Very effective AI provide excellent value play - attacking from various directions, the coordination of simultaneous attacks, and destruction of the buildings to beat you!
Four players in the Capture the Flag, Deathmatch, and Tobruk-To-El-Alamein mode via LAN or Internet.

Game Desert Rats vs Afrika Korps PC Free Download
Release: Mar 31, 2004 | Genre: Historic Real-Time Strategy
Developer: Monte Cristo | Language: En
Game Size: 178 Mb (3% repair)

1.) Unrar
2.) Run "Setup.bat"
3.) Hit "AK.exe" to play the game!

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