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Witchville Beta PC Game Free Download

Long story short, witches are terrorizing the kingdom, and they enlist a witch hunter (Kramer) played by Simon Throp, to go hunt the witches down and destroy the Red Witch played by Sarah Douglas (Superman the movie & Superman II) but they have to face her daughter Jozefa played by MyAnna Buring (Grindhouse) and other witches who dress sand people with a mask made a skull with a skull attached to it. And in the end good prevails, don’t want to ruin the whole movie for you any way.

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From the beginning of the movie on, I thought the music was way too loud, compared to the speaking. And the fights scenes seemed like they were from the old Power Ranger shows. The cross of Samurai meets Barbarian was kind of confusing at times and made no sense to me. The movie wasn’t totally terrible to watch, reminiscence of the old Hercules, and Zena style of shows on UPN. The acting wasn’t the greatest, the fight scenes were horrible, special effects , was someone turns into a crow, and some pink smoke monster from Lost. And “Witchville”? it is a little town in this kingdom. Overall if you have time on your hands and nothing is one give it a try, at least you could use it in the background to fall asleep.

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Game Size: 260,29 MB

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